Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Knowledge is half the battle

This blog hasn't been updated in quite a while. However the laziness of the author (me) doesn't mean laziness of the developer (also me)!

Evanova version 1.2.6 is out in the wild (very soon on Google Play and in a few days on Amazon). Of note:
  • Ready for Rubicon 1.1.2
  • Item images are now downloaded automatically, so you no longer have to copy them from the Community Toolkit. You can change this behaviour in the application settings.
    Ships are now displayed in all their glory as a background when browsing items. This too can be changed through the application settings.
  • Certificates are back!
  • There is a new Route Finder which allows you to display a route between two destinations (can you tell where my main character's home is in this picture?).

    You can swipe through screens to switch between the fastest, most secure or null-sec route options. The number of jumps and kills in system are also displayed, thanks to dotlan maps.

Of course there are the usual bugs, old and new so feel free to report!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

There has been quite some time since the last major update of Evanova, but it's here and it at last has the Odyssey skills updated. Get it from Google Play or Amazon Store.

And for the usual breakdown of new features and additions:


  • You can now install API keys directly from the Eve Online site; use the "Install" button on that page from your device, or select "Eve Online" from the API Keys screen.
  • Market data is available for individual items in the Items Database. Swipe more to get to them.
  • Capsuleers can now view their kill logs and Corporations have a new "Starbase" screen with Player Owned Station information.

User Interface

  • The navigation drawer on tablets behaves much nicer than it used to.
  • Evanova now fully utilizes the Android ActionBar.
  • An indicator has been added on views that are swippable.
  • The bottom icon bar has been removed from some screens to make room for more content.
  • There is no longer an individual refresh button. Capsuleer and Corporation data refreshing is now automated and better at handling network operations (although you may notice a glitch or three).

Screenshots coming soon (TM).

Monday, 1 July 2013

Corners, Containers and Contracts.

Fellow capsuleers, Evanova 1.2.3 has been pushed to Google Play and Amazon Store.

Besides the usual bug fixes and improvements (oh gallery! I am glad you're back), here's the mandatory list of interesting changes:


What do you mean, 
it looks very much the same?
The round corners that are so IPhone 2001 and not Android are now SQUARE. Fancy that! S.Q.U.A.R.E corners on Evanova. Have a look at this square dashboard:

You may think "I hate those borders in the first place, Y U NO remove them?". There might be some more changes on this front, although the humble developer that I am doesn't like that every app looks like the same Android app, so it's not going to look like every Android app.


Since Evanova's inception, containers in asset items could not be opened; they were a mystery as to their content and did not show any sign of life while being tapped on. Hoarders rejoice! You can now long click on a container to open it and browse its content.


There has been more contract love going on and it is now possible to swipe a contract view to display items and bids.

The contracts lists have also be changed slightly to display contracts that are in progress and close to expiration time.

Tablet drawers

Tablets in portrait mode now have a drawer instead of a fixed list on the left-hand side. Drag from the border  of the screen to the right to display it.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Odyssey Update

Evanova 1.2.2 is out.

Please allow some time for me to make it available on Amazon and Opera stores.

Quick break-down of changes

  • Updated for Odyssey.
  • Items and ships now have their attributes displayed in a nice new view.
  • Fixed some issues with mails being un-readable after failing to fetch mail bodies.
  • Fixed skill planning timing and display.

As usual, report errors and bugs to Evanova or on Bitbucket.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Evanova 1.2.1 is out.

I am amazed it didn't take Blizzard Time to get an Evanova update!
Said no one else but me.

Evanova 1.2.1 is hitting the stores as I am typing. This update brings in some bug fixes, noticeably in the notification department, although I am still not happy with them. It also has some more eye candies, performance enhancements and a few more options including the ability to switch between training and location display on the Character List.

As always, if you would like to suggest features, submit problems or get support on how to use Evanova, feel free to write to or, if you feel more adventurous, post an issue on BitBucket.

I must apologize to our Kindle/Amazon friends as I didn't submitted 1.2 to the Amazon Market, due to some technical issues. Evanova 1.2.1 has been submitted and should be available to Amazon users very soon.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Evanova 1.2

Evanova 1.2 has been uploaded to Google Play.

It's full of new shiny things and cool changes, plus you know, bugs, but different from before!
This post contains a few random examples.

Swipe through screens

Swipe-able skills and certificates lists.
Many menu switches (transactions vs journal, assets by location vs assets list, etc.) have been replaced by a swipe gesture. Swipe left or right when on a screen for more details.

When in doubt, try swiping.
Don't forget to long-press on items too!

Widgets are back

and they come in multiple sizes, with maybe less refresh troubles this time. They are really cool looking though.

Tablet Love

The tablet user interface has been overhauled and given much needed attention.
View from the height
of mount Nexus 7
Owners of 7inches-like devices will be able to enjoy the tablet user interface instead of the smaller type. There is also an option in the Settings menu to switch from smaller to tablet version.


You can view suggestions, open issues and planned features from the issue list on Bitbucket. You can also add your own suggestions or report errors. You can also send an e-mail.
New updates should come sooner than every 6 months from now on(tm), with less major changes to be done - or so it is hoped.

Donating to "Evanova Android" in-game is also a good way to show your appreciation.

Wait...Still no Fitting Tool?

Unfortunately, Evanova still doesn't have a Fitting Tool. Sorry, sincere apologizes, [insert optional tears].

A fitting tool is quite an endeavour in itself and it is my opinion that it's better not to try it at home. There will be future improvements in Evanova to show more ship-related attributes, but no fitting tool per say.

However, this doesn't prevent one from fiddling around though so I'll just leave that there. 

Disclaimer: this screenshot is not from Evanova, only a related by-product.
Displayed numbers are all fake and you can easily see that icons aren't right.
It is designed to create hype on the Internet, mostly.
"Why build one when you can build two for twice the price?"

Fly safe.


Friday, 25 January 2013


Evanova 1.2 Beta is out!

and it has a new icon.

Fellow Capsuleers, Rich C.E.Os, Gentle Carebears, Funny Gankers and Ebil Noobs.

If people could hear things scream in space you would most likely not hear about it anyway, so this short post is about the first test version of Evanova 1.2 being now available on Google Play.

So here it is:
Oh breaking news,
Oh shiny things,
Evanova 1.2 beta is now available for your curious eyes and bug scan probes.
Violets are still blue, don't worry.

Please keep in mind that this version is for testing and early feedback. You can report bugs or suggestions to Evanova or on this blog. If you feel more adventurous, you can also check the current list of issues and maybe add your own issue.

There are other projects that make up Evanova to which you may freely contribute. Have a look at the Eve API implementation and add your missing Eve API feature. You can also contribute by writing documentation, creating artwork or whatever you feel is relevant. More projects will be opened if needed be.

I wish to thank all of you who contributed, in no particular order:

Fil. for the graphics and icon ideas.
Ar. for all the bug fixes and enhancement in the Java code,
Val. for text editing, suggestions and general enthusiasm.
All the Capsuleers and C.E.Os who provided API keys for testing purposes.
My SO for putting up with so many hours of my coding Evanova.

Sorry if I forget to name some of you, I have an internet style short-term memory.