Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Candles are up

'It's always someone's birthday out there'. Today it's mine.
And I submit to you a few screenshots on what's coming.

But before that, let me throw some numbers at you:
Evanova was first put on the market on the 21 june 2011. Within 4 months, there has been, according to Google's buggy market numbers, more than 9500 downloads, and 4300+ devices are currently using it. All I can say is thank you all!
I like those numbers a lot, so please keep them growing by telling your friends ;-)

Screenshots I said

Pilot Certificates.
You will be able to see your grades and details about certificates, the same way you can view your pilot's skills. There is also a secret plan about skills and planning them...

Money, money, money...
Corporations have members
Those depressing grayed out icons in the Corporation view are about to light up. Things are underway.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Reload ALL the things

A bug fix version (0.92) has hit the spot. Reload your keys, pilots and corporations after checking out the list down below.

Changes Etc...

  • Old API keys are now fully supported as it was before. The code for handling them as been put back by *ahem* popular demand.
  • The Api Keys detail screen now shows your account status when available.
  • Fixed some crashes while attempting to download data from Eve Online
  • Fixed a batch of bugs in widgets. Note that tablets still lack larger ones.
  • Mails now have a name on it. Senders are not a number, they are a real pilot!
  • After a short venture in Android's media store, Evanova is back to storing media files in its own way. Using the media store caused the device's gallery app(s) thumbnails to be filled up with portraits and turned out to be a bad idea in the end. Also, Evanova will now automatically create the directory structure on your SD card to store Eve Online item images with a pre-created ".nomedia" file so that galleries don't pick them for creating thumbnails.
  • Changing the orientation on small devices should no longer cause a crash on some screens. However tablets with Android 3.2 still do (a lot!).

Many thanks to users who took the time to provide feedback and report problems. Please keep it coming!

Can I go update my training and make some ISK now?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

It's always someone's birthday out there

After much effort, here it comes. Version 0.91 of Evanova is here and has supposedly hit the market by now.

I have observed some weirdities that lead to crashes on a tablet after update, but all in all, I hope things will go smoothly to all folks in null sec and elsewhere. If you experience any recurring crash, try un-installing and re-installing the application.

Make sure you (re)visit the Help and Api Keys pages for updated information and consider creating new API keys rather than using the legacy ones with Evanova.

Fly safe!