Saturday, 7 July 2012

Welcome to Evanova 1.0

After a year of existence, I am pleased to write that Evanova has now reached 1.0 and is available on Google Play.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time and pain to try the Beta version and helped finding bugs and other oddities.

I hope you will enjoy this new version, and I cross-fingers my fingers against the Evil Application Crashes.

What's New

* Pilots: contracts, industry jobs and research, better in-game mail.
* Corporations: limited member information, wallets, market orders, contracts, industry jobs.
* Better Gallery swiping. left-right swiping is also supported on the Pilots and Wallets screens.
* Better Android 4.0 integration. Tablets should now enjoy a larger version of Evanova.

F.A.Q and Al.

Besides the information you can find in the in-app About page, here's a few things that may still baffle you:

  • Why does the pilot view say "No skill planned" and where do I plan skills?
    The skill planner is still in the works ;-)
  • Where are the widgets? No Widgets?
    In order to publish version 1.0 earlier, I had to remove the Widgets support. Widgets will likely be back but in the form of a different Google Play application download. This will allow me to work with various Android versions and update Evanova more often.
  • The refresh icon on the title bars doesn't always spin.
    It's a known issue, and a pain to make sure it works on all versions of Android :-(
  • Amazon Kindle info
    The first version of Evanova got rejected from Amazon because of an obscure issue with the Notification sounds. I hope to re-submit it soon but some code needs to be worked out for this.
  • It's been a year. Why version 1.0 only?
    Evanova has now all the features I planned the application to have when I first started writing it. So there we are!

More later...

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