Saturday, 23 February 2013

Evanova 1.2

Evanova 1.2 has been uploaded to Google Play.

It's full of new shiny things and cool changes, plus you know, bugs, but different from before!
This post contains a few random examples.

Swipe through screens

Swipe-able skills and certificates lists.
Many menu switches (transactions vs journal, assets by location vs assets list, etc.) have been replaced by a swipe gesture. Swipe left or right when on a screen for more details.

When in doubt, try swiping.
Don't forget to long-press on items too!

Widgets are back

and they come in multiple sizes, with maybe less refresh troubles this time. They are really cool looking though.

Tablet Love

The tablet user interface has been overhauled and given much needed attention.
View from the height
of mount Nexus 7
Owners of 7inches-like devices will be able to enjoy the tablet user interface instead of the smaller type. There is also an option in the Settings menu to switch from smaller to tablet version.


You can view suggestions, open issues and planned features from the issue list on Bitbucket. You can also add your own suggestions or report errors. You can also send an e-mail.
New updates should come sooner than every 6 months from now on(tm), with less major changes to be done - or so it is hoped.

Donating to "Evanova Android" in-game is also a good way to show your appreciation.

Wait...Still no Fitting Tool?

Unfortunately, Evanova still doesn't have a Fitting Tool. Sorry, sincere apologizes, [insert optional tears].

A fitting tool is quite an endeavour in itself and it is my opinion that it's better not to try it at home. There will be future improvements in Evanova to show more ship-related attributes, but no fitting tool per say.

However, this doesn't prevent one from fiddling around though so I'll just leave that there. 

Disclaimer: this screenshot is not from Evanova, only a related by-product.
Displayed numbers are all fake and you can easily see that icons aren't right.
It is designed to create hype on the Internet, mostly.
"Why build one when you can build two for twice the price?"

Fly safe.